Saturday, May 15, 2010


Lipsticks are one of their most popular products of Mac. Many a times one gets confused about the various finishes of these lipsticks.


AMPLIFIED CREME: High impact and high color with lots of shine for a dramatic look. If you like rich pigmented lipsticks, then Amplified would be your best lipstick. This one is the best bet for your money. You get exactly what you see in the tube. It goes on creamy & your lips feel soft

FROST: Shimmery frosted finish with high shine for a lot of glamour.

GLAZE: A shiny finish tinted with colour. Gives lips a sexy sheen. Lipsticks with Glaze finishes are usually two toned. It has glitters in it that has a different tone than the colour of the lipstick.

LUSTRE: Slightly sheer, with an ultra shiny finish. Gives lips a high impact, wet, lustre look. Lipsticks with Lustre finish are usually not very pigmented. When you put it on you don’t get the same colour that you see in the tube. It comes as a sheer colour with sheen to it. It feels creamy on the lips. Even the darkest colours go on very sheer. It’s the best lipstick for everyday use.

MATTE: Intense colour, matte finish. If you don’t like any shine/shimmer/glitter or even a creamy feel then go with a matte lipstick. Matte would also stay on for the longest time without touching up. But some people do complain of their lips getting dried up.

METALLIC FROST: Frosted colour with a metallic, high-shine finish

SATIN: Semi-matte finish with lots of colour for soft, smooth lips. Satin finishes are almost like Matte with just a tiny bit sheen to it.

SHEER: Just a tint of colour in this barely there, natural sheer colour treatment.

LIP TREATMENT: A completely sheer lip treatment for a natural and healthy look.

CREEMSHEEN : This is another lipstick that goes on just like the colour in the tube. It is less pigmented and more shimmery than Amplified finished lipsticks.

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