Saturday, May 15, 2010

VLCC Pediglow Foot Care Kit

Its for all skin types
Cleanses, exfoliates, moisturises and protects for beautiful feet.


Pediglow Foot Cleanser 100ml
Pediglow Foot Scrub 60g
Pediglow Foot Cream 50g
Pediglow Foot Spray 100ml

Foot Cleanser: Which invigorates sore, tired feet and legs. Soap nut and Costus extracts removes pollutants from the pores and soften thick tissue also it fights with foot infections and harmful germs.

Foot Scrub: This exquisite scrub exfoliates dead foot tissue and stimulates blood circulation for best foot health.

Foot Cream: This ultra softening cream revives and nourishes the foot.

Foot Spray: This spray makes the feet odour free and fresh.

Method of Use:
Step 1: Add 4tsp. of the Pediglow Foot Cleanser into a bucket filled with lukewarm water. Soak your feet for 15-20 minutes. Rinse and wipe with a hot towel.
Step 2: Apply the Pediglow Foot Scrub and massage for 5 minutes. Scrub off the dead tissue and gently cleanse your feet. Dry feet with hot towel.
Step 3: Apply the Pediglow Foot Cream generously all over your feet and massage well into cuticles for 10 mins. Wipe off with hot towel.
Step 4: Use the Foot Spray and feel the freshness that gets you ticking.

There are some of us who love to have their hands & feet well manicured all the time….and also there are some of us who like to do all the beauty stuff on their own…so this kit is for all the girls who love pampering themselves their way : )

The kit contains Cleanser, Scrub, Cream, Spray and you need to follow the steps given in the kit for the whole pedicure experience.

The first time I saw this kit at my parlour when I had gone for a pedicure…it was during the winter season & the condition of my feet was very bad….but I was pretty impressed with this product…

You get the individual products separately also, just incase you don’t wanna buy the whole kit.

The scrub is just like a normal scrub that we use on our faces..i guess the granules are a bit bigger…the scrub feels gud on the feet…after that the cream also does a gr8 job…u need to put that on the nails for the cuticles to loosen up a bit.

Pushing back the cuticles becomes much more easier without any hassles. And the last thing is the I don’t have smelly feet the spray doesn’t serve much purpose to me but I am sure this will be gr8 for people who hv foot odour.

On the whole after following all the steps…my feet feel clean & fresh & rejuvenated. And all this I can do at my convenience at my home as & when I desire. I agree it’s a bit of a hassle but you can save a lot of trips to the parlour & a lot of money too….

You will need less product & its gonna last u a long time.

Price : Around Rs. 400
It’s a must have!!

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