Thursday, May 13, 2010

Max Factor Lipfinity 3D

Max Factor Lipfinity 3D...Mistake No.2

It says : Immaculate lipstick! Up to 12 hour ultra long lasting lipstick. Go the distance. Lipstick that stays in place all day and doesn't lose its just applied look! No other lip colour has the staying power of lipfinity, an ultra long lasting and vibrant lip duo that together create a smooth, sheer finish for up to 12 hours!

The New Colour & Gloss by Max Factor is the next generation of lip colour and delivers the most high impact shine your lips will ever experience!

2 steps for applying this :

First step is a rich colour base coat that fills your lips in rich color.
Second step is a multidimensional glossy top coat that creates a 3D highlight effect.

I have tried the intensity or longevity of this lipstick and it could stay in your lips up to 10 hours. This lipstick has the unconventional formula in applying to your lips. The darker shade is for the base coat and the lighter color is for the highlight. The highlight makes the color more illusive making your lips fuller and sexier. Other lipstick solely has the boring side of offering one color but with MaxFactor the highlights gives you shimmering look on your lips.

Bad Part : When you apply it in the beginning so you will simply love it....the color payoff & the look is amazing....but soon the colored base sticks to your lips & u feel as if some kind of paint has been applied...does not wear off easily...actually does not wear off at all....I really had to rub hard with my hard that my lips turned red....So one more Max Factor product lies unused in my drawer...

Price : Around 550

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  1. I have this in a hot pink shade.. I forget the name. It lasts well, but it does have a problem. Eat anything greasy, and the base color will dissolve out into ugly bits and flakes, leaving you with patchy half pigmented lips :(