Thursday, May 13, 2010

Max Factor pan stick concealer

Max Factor pan stick concealer...Mistake No.1

My skin has its ups & downs....and my skin was very badly down when i got this concealer. My skin had bad marks on them and I felt the need to hide them...So the thought of getting a concealer enetered my mind.

I went to Beauty centre & went to various counters looking for a concealer...I really wanted to buy a Chambor one...but their shades were too light for me...I looked like a clown after applying their concealer :(

So the next counter was the max factor counter...the SA showed me a few concealers & convinced me to buy one of them (she actually tricked me ;) by saying dat it hid all my marks) i ended up buying the max factor pan stick concealer....

After coming home i realised that i had made a mistake & my money went down the drain....the does nothing for doesnt even hide my marks ...and its so cakey.................shit !!!!!!!!

The color I got is 14 Cool the reviews are amazing...but my personal experience has been bad....the stick is very applies well...but it even goes off equally fast...the staying power is not very long...

So right now this concealer sits in my drawer doing nothing at all....I dont even have the slightest idea as how can i make it work...If you guys have any suggestions then do lemme know...

After getting this I decided that henceforth I would not buy any product without researching it thoroughly !!

Price : Rs. 770
I will never buy it again :(


  1. Hey!!!

    First time on your blog and your 2nd follower.

    Keep up the good work and use your concealer as a primer or on hands and legs:P

  2. oye,dun worry.
    Use it as a foundation(If it matches your skin),just make 2 stripes down your cheek and blend it really well,I think it would be heavy enough to even out your skin tone and sheer enough to not to look cakey.
    Otherwise use it on ypur hands and legs,just what Anamika suggested :)