Friday, May 14, 2010

Shahnaz Husain - Shafair

It says : A unique formulation containing Sandalwood and Andropogon muricatus extracts along with other powerful herbs. Helps the skin surface look fairer, brighter and more refined.

I hate this product…I seriously don’t know what was I thinking when I got this one…I really don’t think that I became fair at all….after using this I am sure that fairness creams are ultimate crap & they just play with your emotions….

Well there is nothing gud abt this cream at all….(except that it smells gud)… the consistency is thick & very greasy… I have combination cheeks are super-duper dry….so after applying this cream…my cheeks still feel dry…so I guess it doesn’t moisturise my skin at all…it just sits on the top of it….

Also it is written on the label that one should not expose the skin to the sun after applying Shafair…so I guess one can apply this only at night…now that I cant apply this to my face I have been applying this to my hands & feet.

I don’t have anything more to say about this except that don’t waste your money on products which just do nothing for you…after this debacle I never tried out any other Shahnaz Husain stuff…im scared !!

Do u swear by any Shahnaz Husain product….i wud love 2 know….leave behind your comments…

Price : Rs.295 for 50g ….complete waste!!!

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  1. i'm using the latest version of this cream but although i havent become fair but it does gives a glow to my skin.