Thursday, May 13, 2010

MAC Blush Ombre : Ripe Peach

Ripe Peach is about the most sought after MAC Blush from the Spring Forecast collection and I couldnt take my eyes off it. It looks so pretty in the pan. I wasn't really sure I would buy this. I did not want to give into the hype. But when you keep reading about how everyone raves about this and how fast it is sold out so it was very hard for a makeup addict like me to not buy it.

Each of the Blush Ombres has a gradient that fades from one color to another, but in reality, you just swirl your brush on top to apply a single shade. Each blush is 9 grams / 0.31 oz. and retails for Rs.1420

Ripe Peach is a peachy-orange with subtle gold sheen/shimmer. Like all of the blush ombres, the shimmer is very minimal and hard to see. I would urge you to not go by swatches or swatching alone. Have the MAC artist try some on your cheeks as I did notice the formula is not really something to warrant interest first swatch but once applied you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful glow each shade gives your cheeks and face. I feel like the shades are also very versatile as you can wear them in three separate ways. Use each side of the graduation for a darker or lighter blush or mix the two together to create an entirely new shade!

Well I was very lucky as I managed to grab the last piece from the MAC Store at Palladium, Phoenix Mills.


■Blends easily
■Great Size
■Great in photos
■Unique gradient
■Subtle healthy shimmer. It is not glitter or frosty, just a slight radiance

Cons : Cost !! (Rs.1420)


  1. looks really amazing...

    I would love to try this..

    Nice reviews.I suggest you to please write about the product ingredients so that we know what we are going to use.

    Best of luck

  2. Hi anu !
    New follower here,loving your blog.
    and the ripe peach ombre looks amazing ,do give us a cheek swatch too :)

  3. @anamika - Hey..gr8 2 have u here...I will surely update the ingredients list

    @Palak - Believe me that the ripe peach is a must have things..I will come up with the cheek swatches soon....