Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nyx Eyeshadows

Everyone seems to be a little tight around the pocket these days and what better way to maneuver around your new cosmetic budget than to try out new brands.

NYX eyeshadows have been compared to MAC eyeshadows in terms of quality. They are very pigmented and are of good quality. The regular eyeshadows come in a square pan.

These ones have excellent pigmentation. The colours are intense and stay on for hours. The colour selection is large and in a word – amazing. I’d definitely say these are worth every single penny,

the colours are very opaque and can work as an eyeliner if you wet your eyeliner brush and sweep some colour onto it.

I think there are like a hundred or so colors to choose from in almost every shade and in multiple finishes to choose from.

i didn't think i could find such good quality eyeshadows at such an awesome price! definitely recommend! i'll be going back to get more colours! :) love it love it!

So the next time you go to a store that stores Nyx just go & try it out...I am sure you will not be disappointed. In Mumbai I buy Nyx from Beauty centre, so if you live here then you definitely need to check it out.

Also these shadows can double up as your blush :))

Price : Rs 360

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  1. I didn't know NYX had come to India. Haven't seen any outlets in Bangalore. Maybe I'd risk a trip to a Mumbai beauty shop now that I'm here on vacay, if only it wasn't so goshdarned HOT here!! :(